horse_ebooks revealed


Soul crushing. :horse:

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I think it’s because when I appreciate something that’s not intended to be art as art, I get to feel in some way that I played a part in the creative process.
Art created by an artist is just consumed by the public: it’s created specifically in order to be seen and appreciated. But “found art” is created by those who find it.

Basically, horse_ebooks the spambot makes us feel clever. horse_ebooks the art hipster makes us feel like mere consumers.


this is NON-OK. :frowning:


Well said. But speaking as a consumer, their stuff is very good.

We wanted to be like Cayce Pollard, but it turned out Bigend was running the show all along.

Fucking Buzzfeed? Fuck right off.


I think you may have just poetically summed up the “Intelligent Design” bummer…

Aw crap I got them mixed up again, ignore this post or go to the Zach Galifianakis video and watch the Pronunciation Manual videos, they’re much better.

They’re also responsible for the Pronunciation Book youtube channel, you know, how to pronounce Zach Galifianakis?(*not the same channel, thanks jsroberts) The channel has been counting down for 77 days to this. I find it amazing.

I edited this post a bit.

There was a discussion the other day on here where some people couldn’t understand how the crappy ending to Lost could have ruined the whole thing for people who watched it.

This. This is how


The Zach Galifianakis video is from Pronunciation Manual, which is a parody of Pronunciation Book.

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Aw crap, I got them mixed up again.

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Man, jesus christ. This sucks. At least, I guess, it’s not Bleacher Report.

I never got the infatuation that everybody seemed to have with Horse_Ebooks. And now I’m glad to say that it’s because it was art that I just didn’t get, as opposed to some odd defect in my nerd gene.

I have only vaguely heard of horse_ebooks in the past, so can someone please enlighten me as to what was so disappointing?

Did people think that this thing had not been programmed, and was real AI that created itself? Did people think it was a spam-bot gone rogue, somehow without any programming and without the creator noticing? Or a spam-bot programmed so badly that it never made any spam, but the programmer released it anyway? I saw some of the STARS STARS STARS posts – did people think no human had programmed it to do stuff like that? Or is it just the fact that Buzzfeed employees bought it from the programmer, and Buzzfeed is dumb?

I’m just confused, because looking at the tweets it looks like it’s exactly what it turned out to be. But maybe that’s just 20-20 hind(quarters)sight?

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Well, the whole idea of the Horse_Ebooks account was that it was supposedly a spambot, trying to sell ebooks about horses, and that it just spewed random bits out of books. And the random bits it spewed out were mostly nonsense, but occasionally beautiful/poetic etc. And for some reason, it captured the public’s love. I just never got it, personally.

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