Horse tries making 'snow angels'

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You mean snow Pegasuses, don’t you?


I’ll just cut straight to the chase here: Pegaspodes


You see, the point is that the shape a horse would make…
Oh, never mind.


Just like Pinkie Pie?


Horse, “Oh, yeah… oh, man… that really hits the spot!”


No offense, but looks like standard horsing to me… they do that, like very predictably, regardless of a human being there.


Came to say the same. There’s an awful lot of anthropomorphizing happening here. Horses like to roll. They do it all the time. Sometimes they might do it near a person they like, in the snow.

Probably harder to try and keep them from doing it. How else will they get their nice mud coating?

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Don’t get me wrong, I love cute animal videos and such, but you have to be so cynical “these days” because people will try anything to make a viral video. It dilutes the truly interesting and amazing unscripted things by trying to make scripted false equivalents.

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Especially one so obviously staged. She set up the camera, walked out into the field, and laid there until the horse rolled. Then headlines got written to frame it as a ridiculous story about horses making snow angels because something something they wanna be like us.

I guess I’m a buzzkill too, but promoting a loose grip on reality hurts us all in the long run, even for the cute stuff.

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For reference, two of the girlfriend’s Percherons being happy (as dirty as possible all the time). If they are in the barn for more than 10 minutes they will find a good muddy spot to roll around in and get a fresh coating :joy:


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