Do you dare look upon this horse-wolfpack hybrid?

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Wolf golem you can ride? Roll for initiative!

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Southern Reach apparently = The Thing.


You’ve Got Wolves.


Actually quite a bit creepier and way trippier. Cosmic horror of the best kind.

Ride a painted pony let the spinnin’ wheel spin!

Apparently he would hide among the cattle when he thought he was going to be ridden,

Horse did not investigate what happens to cattle.

That’s so Cyriak.


I would so ride that one every time if they put it on the Carousels around here,

there must be a general term for this phenomenon, but like where you have a design form and then you apply every conceivable theme to that form. happens with like when a city makes cow statues that are all painted like different things, or even in toys where you have munny or funk pops or bobble heads. i feel like this must be like that. some artist figured people like horses started with that as the form and started painting horses with different scenes and animals in them.

A Scary-Go-Round? Cool!

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The Thrill…

Inside of every horse there are two wolv… three… FOUR wolves!

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