Hotel California's global reach


Here is the best version of this song, with lyrics on screen.



Would be an interesting competition to see which has been more viral, Hotel California or Lebowski.


Yep, years ago the Gipsy Kings returned me to my original love affair w/ Hotel California.

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yep. CCR>Eagles. I abide.


…and the baby Jesus wept…

meanwhile in Russia:

Wouldn’t be complete without:

Check out from 1:20 to 1:30. I think he’s just doing a parody of a popular song.

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Does anyone know who those guys are? I’m really curious about one of the instruments. The solo seems to be an electric liuqin, which I’ve never heard of and would like to see more of.

The two mandolin-looking instruments look like their bodies are constructed much more like modern western style mandolin/bouzoukis than like traditional ruan.

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Oftentimes in public restrooms, I find myself singing “Droppin’ a duece in the hotel californiaaaa!” It usually catches on.


And here I thought it was just a reference to how long it takes to get a PhD from the New School of Social Research.

And this is interesting:

“They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the #6 with humbau.”

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What will the “warm smell of colitas” earn you in China?

but Elvis is Everywhere!


Hotel Kalifornia: Basque version from the late 70’s.

Some years ago I was in Bangkok; across the street from my hotel was a pool hall.

It was very bright, well-lit, incongruous and obviously new.

My travel partner and colleague would challenge me to a nightly game; before seeking out…more adventurous entertainment as young men on holiday are wont to do. He would consistently win. This was amusing to the workers, but not to me. In fact I was so annoyed by that situation that I enticed fellow female patrons to join us in a doubles match, using the hilarity-inducing effects of the Princess Mononoke T-shirt I was wearing at the time…

That action was more successful than I anticipated; as one of those ladies is now my finacee.

But I digress, and this story has a point…honest. The neon pop-up pool hall favored itself an “American rock and roll” style of establishment…which I found endearing, if slightly naive. Everyone working there was really very sweet…but there was a problem. It took me a while to figure out, while trying to make my shots and drinking beer listening to tracks from the Hot Rocks Rolling Stones compilation, ‘Sympathy for the Devil, Gimmie Shelter, Paint It Black’ All the hits; all good. Until I kept hearing the same songs. Over and over. I walked up to the host and asked ‘so…do you have any Pixies, maybe some Bad Religion?’ haha?

No…The Rolling Stones was pretty much it. And that made me sad.

So I went to a big mall and found Tower Records to see what CD’s they had…and I chose a multi-disc Eagles compilation; I figured, first, they needed lots of songs…The Eagles would be a more relaxed choice yet not so different from the Stones as to seem acceptable. Creedence or Led Zeppelin were in the running but…I chose otherwise.

And it went OK. The employees were glad for the gift, but after listening to ‘Wasted Time’ or ‘Seven Bridges Road’ I didn’t get particularly positive feedback.

Until ‘Hotel California’…oh yeah, everyone was all. about. that. It brightened the whole place up with singing, smiles and head nodding. And I’m thinking ‘this dude is tripping and held captive in a brothel drug den…why is everyone so happy; yeah, the slide guitar solo…that must be it.’

Those…were good times.


Mother California?

And then, there’s this:

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