House passes federal 'shield law' for journalists, as reporter reveals 2011 subpoena fight



I wonder if Obama is going to try to become a member of the Supreme Court after this?

All of his schooling in how to bend constitutions and his real world experience in the continued bending of the actual US Constitution … surely all this is leading somewhere other than the post-POTUS lecture circuit and oil-painting club.

I wonder if it would be possible for a sitting president to build a personal database of NSA intelligence about House or Senate members only to use once out of office to gain leverage over a congressional approval process.

Poor Tom Clancy. He really missed a goldmine here.

Wait, weren’t Republicans supposed to be the party of freedom? And smaller, less intrusive government?

Hooray Alan Grayson!

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This makes the cynic in me wonder how just often a confidential source is a Congressman.


I"d like to know which Representatives voted against this - and their party affiliations.

(I know I can look it up somehow… I just don’t wanna have to)

It’s the first link within Xeni’s post.

Of course, many Americans won’t look at this voting record (nor any others) and continue to ignorantly embrace false equivalency between Democrats and Republicans.

Only 53 Republicans voted for it, while 168 voted against it.
Meanwhile, 172 Democrats voted for it, while only 15 DINO’s voted against it.

But, yeah… “Two sides of the same coin” and other ignorance will continue to be spewed in these boing boing forums and elsewhere…

In the meantime, many Democrats continue to fight for ingrates who don’t support them and will lose their seats to the many Republicans who work against said ingrates. The ingrates will continue to be willfully ignorant and continue to piss and moan that no one fights for any of their interests and the brutal status quo continues.

Americans are idiots.

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You have to admit it’s easier than fighting for a just cause.

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Thanks for the info. Of course it was linked to right there in the article.

Though - I know I’m supposed to be a more engaged/active reader here at Boing Boing - that hyperlink-text didn’t give me any impression it would have the stats I wondered about.
And seeing such numbers actually reported in these kind of general info articles is always more impactful, imo.

And yeah, I certainly do begrudge some particular political views - and the “both sides are the same” folks are right up there in my book of silliness.

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Equivalency is not the same as net zero.

Equivalency is not the same as net zero.

Assuming that the terminology of others is being used in the absolute sense is a nice and insulting way of being pretentious, obtuse and belligerent.

Let me know when you have a real point to make.

It is a real point, the finer points of this point you seem to be missing. I will spell it out for you, because you are my new favorite Trollfriend.

“Equivalency is not the same as net zero” means, in this context, that Democrats and Republicans are not the same, but the Game of Thrones/House of Cards that we are currently playing is a zero sum game. Those two concepts are easily mistaken for one another.

The two concepts at play, to spell it out further with added bonus numerical labeling:

  1. Some people think that Dems and Republicans are one-in-the-same. That they are just like each other, two sides of the same coin.

  2. Democrats and Republicans have their horns locked in a perpetual struggle for supremacy, the sum of their struggles over time netting nothing.

Shall I spell it out for you some more, Trollicide? Or do you get it yet?

but the Game of Thrones/House of Cards that we are currently playing

Um, speak for yourself and your pipedreams. I enjoy those shows because they are fun fantasies, but I deal within the real world after I turn the TV off. It seems that you’re on a permanent vacation from reality.

Shall I spell it out for you some more, Trollicide? Or do you get it yet?

Once again, still awaiting your point beyond allusive platitudes and stunted, pretentious baiting.

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