US Senate passes CISA, a very bad spying bill dressed up as a cybersecurity bill

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I wrote to my representative who voted against it, to express my gratitude, and to my representative who voted for it to register my extreme disappointment.

My letter didn’t include a $10,000 check, however, so…


FFS. Oh well, time to go on the offensive.

Why do the two parties have to pick this of all things to work on harmoniously, hand in hand? It used to be things like highway bridges.


Damn you, Stabenow. I’m more disappointed in you than I am in that bluedog Peters.

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The vast majority of Republicans support the national security state at all times.

The vast majority of Democrats will never go against a pro-security state Democrat in the White House, such as Obama or, I expect, Hillary.

So the only time you get any pushback on this is when we have a Democratic congress and a Republican president.


Has the USA always been so authoritarian?

We were actually pretty authoritarian in the Civil War, WWI, and WWII, too. The difference being that all three of those wars were fought against defined enemies, with a surrender ceremony at the end, and we (mostly) decided that the authoritarianism stopped when the war was over.

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Only to black people. And sometimes immigrants. Depending on the immigrant.

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If the “war” is explicitly lacking a specific enemy, theatre, or timeline, then I’ll consider “the war on terror” to be business as usual in America’s 21st century.

Well, my Senators totally blew this one. It hasn’t passed the house yet, and I’m banking on Jared Polis voting against it. Bennet has cemented his place on my shit list though.

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