Senators announce "Aaron Swartz Should Have Faced More Jail Time" bill




I will be sure to forcibly exploit this, when the US surveillance apparatus acts upon my myriad honeypots.


Blows me away that it’s even possible to introduce a bill without making it’s text available.
How is that even a thing?
How am I supposed to know when I need to call my representatives if I can’t see the freaking thing?


They’re going to have to hire more people at the NSA/CIA/FBI just to “do” all the jail time.


The Heavens have not the petards to supply the Republican Party’s wishes.


Only right wing nutcases believe that a bill should be passed before we have the opportunity to read it. Cf. the risibly named “Affordable Care Act”.


It’s that kind of thinking that gets you put on Double Secret Probation.


I’m trying to grasp the twisted logic here, but I’m afraid there probably isn’t any.

I don’t understand why they think this is a good idea - all that’s going to do is make people angrier.


Did you pay them 6- or 7-figures? Then they’re not YOUR representatives.


Lets hope Obama publicly endorses this bill so then the Republicans can turn on it and kill it.


Looks like it might be this one

S 1027 A bill to require notification of information security breaches and to enhance penalties for cyber criminals, and for other purposes.


And the remarks:

By Mr. KIRK (for himself and Mrs. Gillibrand):



Every time I see something like this, I wonder, “What’s actually going on that they’re trying to distract folks from?”


I love Gillibrand, but I’ve had this ominous feeling she’s going to turn into Hillary.


Am I the only one who noticed the (D-NY) who’s a sponsor? You know that means Democrat, right?


I’ve been saying for years that Democrats are right-wing nutcases. But who listens?


The law must be read to be understood. Until it’s published, we can’t do that. It was probably rushed to steal some thunder from Wyden’s bill, though.


Our lawmakers seem reactive and frightened in everything they do. And the thing they’re most afraid of seems to be us.


I’m pretty sure, by now, that the assholes have INDEED inherited the Earth!


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