Houston Methodist Hospital suspends 178 employees for failing to get vaccinated

12+, was previously 16+. Moderna is at 18+ and has filed to go 12+ as well.


Good call. I had misread the original article. I can easily imagine there being that many people with medical exemptions.

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We disagree with those who disagree not to vaccinate :slight_smile:

The two of us, and most on here, accept vaccinations as a no-brainer.

Art of persuasion is awfully fickle…accolades to efforts that are working!

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No night at officers’ club is complete without this karaoke classic:

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Thank you for the clarification!


The analysis Orac did of that research (which hasn’t been published, just two summary articles) is very dubious. For one, they’re using extremely high levels of spike protein (two orders of magnitude higher than you’d see in vivo) and the cells they’re using to test on as well as the pseudo-virus vector they’re using are also not specified. It seems to be one step better than the ‘bleach kills cancer because we put some bleach in a dish with some cancer cells and it killed them!’ level of ‘research’.



it may be a statistical fact

we know it’s something somebody claimed on the internet


It may be a statistical fact that there are some groups of people that are less willing to get vaccinated than others? I’d say that it almost rises to the level of tautalogy.

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yeah but he had a list of specific groups


Can’t speak for Houston, but here it’s not the demographic you are looking at that tends to be vaxx avoiders, those tend much whiter, more highly educated and much more Dunning-Krueger afflicted. With no other breakdown in the article, assumptions should be kept to a minimum.


This study specifically said they were testing it on endothelial cells, which line arteries. They wanted to see if the spike protein on its own latching onto the ACE2 receptors could play a role in the damage that many people have had to their vascular system, and it certainly seems plausible.


those that i know were actually the first in line. you don’t mop up blood on the daily without worrying about what you might catch.

keep in mind, at least here in the states, high income is a better predictor of republican support than low income.

please, please, please tell me he ends every email with:



Methodist is directly across the street from me. Its a terrific hospital generally

I’d guess its mostly nurses and zero janitorial staff that have refused to get vaccinated.


My brother and SiL are in the “waiting to get FDA approval” camp. Nothing is ever 100% safe and/or effective (except perhaps statistically); I can point to myself, DH and Mom, but have no good way to convince them that they should get the vaccine. Maybe a dart?


No, it is a statistical fact that in the UK there is a large difference (90ish% vs. 70ish%) between white and black communities’ levels of vaccination across the same demographic (in this case I believe it was those over a certain age) and that is what I was referring to.

I’m sure you could find a citation if you wanted. It has been reported here by reputable news outlets (the BBC) quoting health/vaccination authorities.

That may or may not be, I’ll grant. But I was talking equally about vaccine-hesitant, not just anti-vaxx/vaccine avoiders. I don’t know where your ‘here’ is, but where I am it is a very demographically aligned phenomenom for the demographic I noted. See sources below.

ETA @smulder Here you go



In this one (re one health authority) it is doctors and ethnic minorities, in health employees


My parents were also deeply skeptical of the vaccine but actually got it before i did. Not sure what pushed them to get it as i haven’t specifically asked but i’m glad they got it, and my SO is also skeptical but i know she wants to travel internationally later this year so that convinced her to get the shot.


Did I miss this? You’re talking about the US, right? This article from 2 days ago implies both filed for it and neither are approved yet.

Moderna became the latest COVID-19 vaccine maker to apply for full approval by the Food and Drug Administration, announcing last week that it has started the process for approval in people ages 18 and up. That follows Pfizer’s announcement in early May that it was seeking approval in those ages 16 and up.

I see news about, “Pfizer’s PREVNAR 20 Vaccine Receives FDA Approval for Adults Aged 18 and Above” which looks to be for pneumonia.


“285 employees were given medical or religious exemption”

Umm, why are we giving people religious exemptions for things that are necessary for their job? If they are opposed to modern medical treatment, then they shouldn’t be allowed to work there.