How a children's book about a mouse is keeping me motivated in quarantine

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What a beautiful book. My mother in law gave it to my kid not long ago.
Lionni inspired a generation of Eric Carle lovers.

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This has been one of my fav books since I read it as a child in the 70s. It is a parable about the value of the intangible and the marginal.

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There is also a German language audio book / play with music, made by (aptly) Frederick Vahle. Truly one of the great children’s singer-songwriters. I have very fond memories of this, and some of the saddest in my life as well.

I am crying right now. But I am glad at the same time.


I’ve been trying to keep my creative work going. Sometimes I can’t, some days I have no energy for much of anything. Last month I did a binge of cartoon porn commissions and that gave me some motivation; I’ve been slowly poking at the Big Projects again. It’ll probably fade, and I am okay with that.

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Without knocking Frederick I keep hearing ants scolding a grasshopper…weird.

No, no - it’s The Grasshopper and the Octopus.

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No, wait - it is The Ant & The Grasshopper.

Here’s my favourite children’s story about mice and labour, as narrated by Kiefer Sutherland

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Thanks for reminding me about this wonderful book, my parents read it to me, too… and my mother even made a plush Frederick for me that I carried around everywhere…

This was one of my favorite books growing up in the 70s as well.

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