How a lobbyist/doctor couple are destroying Worker's Comp across America

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So instead of individuals cheating the system corporations can do it on a larger scale.


And if employees can’t afford to bring a lawsuit then it’s their own damn fault for not getting a higher-paying job, or they don’t really care enough to pursue it, or their problem really isn’t as serious as they claim.

Pardon my sarcasm but I’m really tired of hearing people talk about lawsuits as though they’re a magic wand that everyone can just pick up any time they have or think they have a problem.


So what they are saying is “Let’s go backwards in order to go forward”.

I’ve heard that BS before from many a Reich Wing looney.


Scum of the fucking earth, right there.


“It’s not about reducing benefits,” he said. “We can objectively show you that we have saved our clients over a billion dollars against Texas workers’ comp over the past decade. When you’re saving that kind of money, you don’t have to get hung up on squeezing the employee.”

No, this is pretty much the definition of “squeezing the employees”… by reducing benefits over a billion dollars.

I always wonder about the sheeple who love to recite that “taxes are a drag on the economy” but think that adding a series of middle-men who each try to collect the highest toll for the lowest output is completely different.


People with Workers’ Comp claims are cheats? I guess you have to live up to your user name, but statistics compiled by states disagree.


Plus, if lawsuits show signs of unwarranted efficacy, team ‘Tort Reform’ will start ranting again…


Also, not everybody agrees to their local court having jurisdiction in all areas of their life. I treat companies and states as being my equals - but states more regularly try to kill me for this than companies do.



« As soon as she got to work, Amador told her supervisor, who sent her to
the hospital. Only 19 hours had passed. But her employer, Fundamental
Long Term Care, rejected her claim, saying she had failed to report it
by the end of her shift. »
Wait, wait, wait… She worked for a long term care company and that company rejected her claim for worker’s compensation only 19 hours after the event for which she tried to get compensated ?

I wish I could wrap my head around this one, but there’s way too many pricks for that, if you get my drift. It’s at the “I just… Can’t even” level of ‘loopyness’.


Read the article: the doctor couple is trying to fix a small issue by creating a massive issue, not me.

you’re rich, but you have to have sex with each other. Somebody sold their soul to Satan.

This is just another step down towards the new America, where we are all ‘independent contractors’. Even the progressives I know gleefully support Uber, AirBnB, TaskRabbit, retailers like Target and the Gap that are moving that way, etc, while complaining about stuff like this. I am an independent contractor. I have: no minimum wage (sometimes I work a 12 hour shift for free, very often well under minimum wage), I have ZERO workers comp, ZERO protection from frivolous dismissal, it COSTS ME $100 to call in sick (I don’t mean I lose the opportunity to make $100 by not going to work, I mean I have to PAY my employer $100 to not come to work without 10 day notice), conditions of my ‘contract’ can change anytime with no notice, I am guaranteed nothing in terms of hours, pay, availability, a job etc. There’s a lot more too, but I’m too tired and it’s too depressing to think about. And it’s all perfectly legal, and corporations and employers are tripping over themselves to move employment this direction.

I knew a guy who had to call in sick for 4 days, he was deathly ill and had been in the hospital for two of those days. At the end of that week he owed $400, and was told if he didn’t pay it within one week, they would press charges. And they do press charges, I’ve seen it happen. ( He ended up working the next 6 shifts just to pay off the $400. So he had zero income for 2 1/2 weeks, even though he had worked close to 72 hours). All perfectly legal and totally supported by our ‘progressive’ mayor. You may be asking, why do people subject themselves to this? Desperation. Unemployment and underemployment is far higher in this country than most people realize. There are people in third world countries who will work 12 hours for a few cups of rice. Don’t think there aren’t powerful people in this country who want just that for the rest of us.


The fucking day, THE FUCKING DAY my supervisor wants to accompany me to the doctor’s office is the day I punch him in the face, vomit on him, and then quit. And I might very well punch him a few more times afterwards for good measure.

HFS, this. Because we all have the time and resources to track down a good lawyer who isn’t interested in squeezing us for every last dime.

EDIT: Yeah, so I’m late to the par-tay. This a hundred times over:

I’ve seen this with the “I’ll call you three hours before you’re meant to come in and let you know if we ‘need’ you.” Which is to say, your schedule is meaningless, so just sit by the phone and do what we tell you and when.


Dude, where do you work? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.


This is a consequence of globalization. As globalization progresses, there is an evening out effect. The quality of life goes up in third world nations. The quality of life goes down in first world nations. Essentially, we are moving toward two classes of people. 1) The rich, who live in the world. It doesn’t matter which geographic area they live in, because the whole world is available to them. 2) Everyone else. Our jobs will be to work for the rich.

I don’t believe this is a conspiracy or some sort of deliberate attempt to ruin the lives of the common man. It’s simply the result of those in power trying to safeguard their power. They create systems which support the perpetuation of that power, while simultaneously creating obstacles to the transference of power to others.


Be sure to make a “HIPAAAAAAArghlbl” sound when you’re puking.

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At which point I should probably slip on the now-slick floor and ‘hurt’ myself.

After which, I’ll be like…

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Imagine if you could just go to the hospital, and get treated, no insurance, no paying, no nothing.
Oh wait, I live in the UK, that’s exactly how it works.

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