Pollster explains how Chamber of Commerce can steamroller empathetic execs into opposing progressive policies

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I know Gawker gets a lot of shit, but that’s a real story!



Be sure to distinguish between the US Chamber, which is a malevolent right-wing organization, with local chambers, which are usually benign.


Ha! So “shkrelic” is a word now? Well done.


It has a nice, dark, crystalline quality to it.

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Convincing empathetic business owners to oppose progressive policies is a neat trick but I’m more impressed that employees can be convinced that things like higher wages and sick leave aren’t in their best interests.

Oh, wait, I guess all it takes is the “Be glad you have a job” argument.


I’m not so sure about that. The local CoC fought against my state’s sick leave and minimum wage legislation.


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Maybe they’re infiltrating the local ranks. Worked for school boards and local government, so why not try businesses too?

I know someone who worked at the USCoC, basically right out of college (her college was one of the ones known for partying, not academics). When I would ask her bland small talk questions like “how’s work?” she would avoid answering anything at all. Based on her upbringing, I don’t think she was ashamed; I think she knew that she couldn’t talk about any specifics without running into the possibility of admitting to unethical behavior.

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not everything is caused by malignance : )


The beatings will continue until morale improves.


Thank you Cory. Appropriate and well-deserved !


I suppose it’s not universal. Sorry to hear that.

I remember a story my sibling, who worked at a medium-sized newspaper, told me about the CofC in her town during the 80’s. The local CofC president wanted her paper to downplay the murder-suicide by burying it several pages inside because it could make the town look bad. He actually threatened to get businesses to pull their advertising. I guess the internet has impacted the power of local CofCs in that regard.


I think the point of ascendant economic theory is to make a society that doesn’t bank on trust, but the result of that is that people who are very good at not trusting or being trustworthy take over. The real value of trust is easily seen in economic games where real people “fail” to find nash equilibrium strategies but walk away with better results than if they had (e.g. a prisoner’s dilemma that pays out $5-$3-$1-$0 where 75% of people cooperate, the people cooperating average $2.25 a round while if they had played “right” and defected they would have gotten $1 every time).

The thing is, I don’t think these policies serve profit. Everyone would be better off with high wages, good health care, good sick leave policies, parental leave, etc. That’s the rising tide that actually floats all boats. Profit and money more generally is a means to an end, not a thing of value in itself. These psychopaths don’t care about money, they care about dominance.


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