How AIs are rewriting photographic history


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Algorithm != AI


And more fodder for the Facial Recognition Database?

What’s going to happen when Fox News gets their hands on this?

Then, I think algorithms automatically creating such symbolic moments would be a concern.

Gosh, ya think?

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pics or and it didn’t happen


Creepy, maybe? But there is a huge difference between a family photo and a pict of Obama and Putin. Beside, Google doesn’t destroy the original photos.

Speaking for someone who use to do replace smiling faces manually in Photoshop, don’t ruin this for the rest of us!

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But as Rob counters, “But I’m reasonably sure you wouldn’t say that if this were a photo of Obama and Putin, smiling it up together, big, simultaneously happy buddies, at a Ukraine summit press conference. Then, I think algorithms automatically creating such symbolic moments would be a concern.”

I am not sure I understand… how is this any different (other than faster and automated) than photoshopping a picture of Obama and Putin sitting there together smiling? It isn’t like Google invented photo manipulation.


It’s that the photos are manipulated automatically without even any human intervention. Combine this technology with a bunch of uploaded pictures of Putin and Obama who might not even be in the same photo, combined with a computer generated news story that combines press releases from the governments, a stream from Reuters and cues derived algorithmically from the photos and no actual human in the newsroom (because they were laid off years ago), and you have a made up story about a meeting that didn’t happen that no human wrote, published automatically.

Any reader of BoingBoing should know that “faster and automated” sometimes changes things quantitatively but often changes things qualitatively.


But that is totally the kind of algorithms that are in the realm of AI: how to do things that would normally be considered something you couldn’t describe with algorithms, but that require human expertise, like recognizing the contents of a picture, identifying the ‘better’ smiles from a set of options, stitching them together convincingly, fixing up lighting and exposure, etc.


It is just following orders now – just wait until it starts developing its own “eye” and decides that your boss would look better with a dick on his forehead in that company picnic series that you just uploaded…

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But my google search told me that we have always been at war with Eastasia. Photos don’t lie.


Or decide you are the weak link in the family, and you should be permanently replaced by a more attractive father. Wait a minute… I’m copyrighting that story, people!

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Google “Autoawesome” is the devil. Not the cool cocktail and cigar devil but the one who reads William Safire and puts just a little too much gel in his hair.


I don’t think you really believe this… I think you’ve just been looking for an excuse to use that analogy :smile:


Sorry, Google already auto-wrote and copyrighted that story.

The plotting is nonsensical, the dialogue stilted, the characters merely cardboard cut outs of real human beings, but that just means its already Major Motion Picture script quality.


There is no clear definition of “intelligence” so there will never be a clear definition of “artificial intelligence.” But, we can definitely say that machines can behave intelligently, that is, they appear to have some motivated system of decision making.

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I upload pics to my computer into three categories: PICTURES, NUDES & PR0N. I’m uploading the PICTURES into Google+ to see what Autoawesome will do as an art project. Will I get in trouble with Google if I upload the other two folders?

In Soviet Russia, Autoawsome Googles YOU !..

oh dear, autoawesome P0RN? wait i don’t remember doing that? thanks autoawesome!

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