How an artist carves pencil leads

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Other people’s hobbies look crazy to me. What ever happened to normal hobbies, like shaving the neighborhood raccoons or restoring tandem unicycles?


Once you get a stereo microscope to work under, things get smaller and more detailed.

I don’t know how anyone lives without one.


Personally, I don’t see the benefit of working with a microscope when I don’t have the motor control to make things look good on a macroscopic level.


Since I started using my visualphile-quality quadrophonic scope, my unaided eyeballs have become a major disappointment. It’s the pure silicon-29 optics that really sets the imaging apart.


inch and a quarter new york strip steak, brought to room temperature then patted dry on both sides. fresh ground salt, black pepper, and white pepper on each side. 3-4 pounds of charcoal briquets brought to even layer of ash. 1 cup of hickory chips soaked in water for 1-2 hours. allow grill to heat, apply hickory, oil grill then place steaks on grill. 5 minutes on side one, 4 minutes on side 2, 5 minutes on plate to rest. that’s how you do it right on the macroscopic scale.

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Kind of loses its appeal when a federal agent with 90s haircut comes by and attributes your work to aliens before his skeptical partner says he’s full of it.

The truth may be out there but credit where credit’s due, Fox.

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