How an ugly Bang & Olufson phone influenced the iPod


Bang & Olufsen has long been at the forefront of taking high-tech consumer goods that are usually the realm of tech-savvy early adopters, and designing a user interface that makes them friendly to the technophobic.
You may call that cordless phone ugly, but compared to the other cordless phones of its era it is sleek and elegant.
The industrial design (less wheel) was also widely copied – I had a Siemens DECT phone that was pretty much a spitting image of that one, but with a far poorer UI.


So, has B&O sued yet, or did Apple buy the idea of the scollwheel from them? (I ask the general population.)

Good artists borrow, great artists steal.

Ugly? What? That thing’s pretty sharp-looking for its time.

Great technocrats charm the pants off other great technocrats and end up with new investors.

It is still sleek and elegant.

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Clearly B&O was influenced by the Parker Brothers Merlin.


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