How awesome does an ASCII art app have to be to command a $50 price tag?

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Non-mobile, desktop software is “apps” now?


Prices should always be set at random.


It’s like unleaded gasoline – you pay extra to have the lead taken out.


yes I KNOW it is because lead was used as an anti-knock compound and unleaded is more expensive because a more expensive anti-knock compound is being used


This again?

It always was. The term ‘killer app’ was in use long before it had anything to do with mobile apps. See for multiple forms of proof.



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      Mirugai                Tamago                   Ebi
   (Giant Clam)            (Cooked Egg)             (Shrimp)

Sure. The context does make the headline confusing, since $50 sounds expensive for a phone art app but is a fairly low price tag to “command” for most graphic-artist-oriented software in Mac OS. Manga Studio is $210 and Corel Painter is $400, for instance.

The really funny caveat? Emacs is built into OSX and it has “artist-mode” which appears to have remarkably similar functionality. Also Emacs is DRM free and free free and open source.


The context is that it’s $50 for an ASCII art app.

It is OSX

Typhon:~ jeremy$ ls /Applications
Adobe DNG
Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Reader 9

because people who use macs like to pay lots of money for everything. the end.


Oblig Sticky Comics strip:

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ASCII is a medium that some folks need to deliver in, and doing it by-hand in a text-editor is not efficient. As someone who adds diagrams to code and wikis this sounds like a great time saver. I haven’t looked at the competition, but $50 hardly seems steep for niche software.

How is doing it by hand with a text editor not efficient? I create ASCII art that way.

This program is one of the few which doesn’t seem to just copy and paste a converted image. But, it’s Japanese fonts so not standard ASCII. I’ve yet to find software which does a good job at designing ASCII art versus copying something.

Martin had one which was good (I can’t remember the name right now) but seemed over complicated when I could just do it myself in a text editor. Likely this one will be the same. But, it looks interesting. For people who don’t want to do it themselves this may be a good option to create something of their own.

Apps is a shortform for applications. So, apps have been around far longer than mobile.

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This looks like a job for StackExchange!

They suggest using vim, asciio emacs and others,


For me the biggest issue by far is that text editors are made for editing a 1D sequence of characters, but I like to edit diagrams as if they are 2D visualizations. Operations like moving a block in a diagram, drawing connectors, resizing borders, etc. I find this tedious in pure text editors. This tools seems to address that problem by treating the diagram as a diagram that happens to get rendered as a sequence of characters, not a sequence of characters that happens to be a diagram.

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