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I am seriously considering this. Mostly, I’m wondering if this would be useful for non-coders to learn how to prep art assets for games. Any thoughts or discussion on this?

Agreed, has anyone purchased this? If so, how was it - did you learn enough to actually make a game, or even nom-game content? That was worth playing? InterTubes be darned, but I don’t count Flappy Bird… What about iOS & “that is the Android you’re looking for” stores - any help with those processes included?
Was using Xcode & Android Studio both covered? How to port between the two?
I’ve not looked at the SDK’s before - what type of programming experience (languages) would be most helpful?

I would say that $49 is a lot to pay for something like this, when there is so much free stuff out there. (Ignore the “regularly $989!” price — that’s just fantasy numbers pulled from the air.)

Any basic introduction to coding will give you what you need. I know there are Kahn Academy and Coursera courses out there. Knowing the fundamentals is 99% of game programing. And when you start to know the fundamentals, you will know how to find the rest of the material you need.

@coherent_light I don’t see anything in their list that makes it seem like it would be useful for learning to prep art assets. Wouldn’t the other people you’d be working with be able to give you the specs? It’s just a matter of x-pixels by y-pixels, or exporting an animation as a sprite sheet (for which there are tutorials on the web).

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The “regularly $989!” is incredibly sleazy and obnoxious, and I wouldn’t buy this, just to discourage that shit.

That said, I’ve taught myself several programming languages, and I bought a $50 class on Udemy on ios programming that was more than worth it, just for the time I saved by having everything I needed to get going in one place, instead of having to google it bit-by-bit.

With OSS stuff like Python, there are open and free textbooks and curricula that are just as good as any of the ones people charge for, but I’ve found that to be much less the case with xcode and ios.

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Unknown, since I’ve never worked on a game like this, really. (That didn’t involve C128/C64 sprites anyway).

The disadvantage to trying to learn from free materials—speaking only for myself, here—is that I really sometimes need some form of hand-holding like that found in instructional matter like this.

I don’t think $989 is all that unreasonable. Maybe it’s easier for some folk to learn one way, with less expensive materials, but I think its perfectly acceptable for those who might need more of a jumpstart than others.

And how does that fee compare with some equivalent courses at Digipen, anyway?

If it’s not unreasonable, then sell it for that. My issue is with the advertising strategy of quoting a price many times beyond what you ever expect to get, or even ask for, so as to permanently mark it ‘85% Off!’

I doubt they sold a single copy at full price, or expected to. In fact, I doubt they ever even listed it for full price, and that’s what I find really obnoxious.

I guess. I’m used to education costing far more than that, so perhaps I just see it differently,

Turns out, I just couldn’t. No time. No space to learn anything else (not while I’m fighting with drupal anyway).

But maybe I’ll get around to it in the future.

@frauenfelder Can other BB Store posts have open comments, like this one does? I wanted to be able to post a comment on the DripBit sale, but it seems that some sales allow conversation (like above) but others don’t.

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