How China grabbed NSA hacking tools and used them to attack U.S. allies

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Sauce for the goose… Once it is out there it will be copied and used in ways you don’t want it to be used.


Amazingly, they have footage of this:

ETA - I guess this is too big for BB to preview. If you don’t want to click, it is Jet Li disarming Gibson and Glover in Lethal Weapon 4.


Here’s an idea: stop creating new frontiers of war, especially ones you can’t control.

Hell every company on Earth that makes cheap electronics is compromised in so many ways constantly that infosec is just basically non-existent in real world.

It might be wiser to stop exacerbating the problem and instead look for ways to bolster security fundamentally throughout society.

But that would require a total rethinking of common sense and we all know how well that works on the anti vaxxer crowd.

My professional opinion? We’re just fucked


I can’t wait to buy a disc of the warez off aliexpress.


Don’t look now, but tRump is sabre rattling for a war with Iran, a country with 19th & 20th century weaponry, be scared, be very scared of the Russian President of the US, Donny Two Berderers.




And not just code:

Earlier this month, a CNN investigation provided further evidence that U.S. military equipment has been transferred from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to a variety of militias, including some linked to al-Qaeda.

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Remember those stolen ‘NSA exploits’ leaked online by the Shadow Brokers? The Chinese had them a year before

“The key takeaway from that talk was “You don’t launch a cyber weapon, you share it,” a statement that may perfectly sum up this week’s findings from Symantec.”

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Fire up the FruityLoops! Sir David Attenborough wants someone to remix Balinese field recording

Not a bad idea.

And there is this bit:
Bizarrely, the Beeb shed some light on an underground dance music niche built around Sir Dave’s dulcet tones. At the “David Attenborough Jungle Boogie”, DJs apparently “throw down excerpts of Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II over club beats, while fans wear cut-out masks of the wildlife expert’s head”.

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