Schneier: China and Russia probably did get the Snowden leaks -- by hacking the NSA

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Just fucking great. The red menace got our crown NSA jewels from the media via 0-day exploits so if anyone is to blame it is the NSA for not telling American Tech Corporations about the 0-day exploits that the NSA wants to keep to “themselves”.


this is what happens when one organization gathers all our sensitive secrets into one basket and that basket is full of holes, we are left less secure and more at risk then if such an organization never existed. not to mention the back doors they’ve paid companies to put in encryption software, corporate routers, etc. in almost every measurable way they have made us less secure, all to stop zero terrorist attacks…hurray.

If the future is cyber warfare, we need an organization with more accountability, that is held to certain standards of action and behavior.

National Insecurity Agency



For the money we spend, we deserve better.

I’ll just leave this here:

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