How city governments can help make Net Neutrality a reality


Around 2000 or so, when I lived in Austin, the city announced that it was going to set up a network over which they could read electric meters (Austin had a city-owned electric utility). They said that, as long as they were rolling this out, they might as well use it for city-wide internet. Eventually it simply disappeared from the news.

This was around the same time that numerous streets were torn up so that various companies could lay fiber. They timed this just right so that multiple east-west streets were all fouled up at once, making it difficult to get across town. I’m not sure if or how all that fiber was used as it coincided with the early 2000s recession.

What is the present value of a ten year lease that the leaseholder knows will not be renewed because the lease grantor was taken advantage of/ Shysters may enforce the letter of their fine print in court while destroying not only the future, but the present value of their contract. Somehow I think Verizon and Comcast will compromise with cities rather than drive their stock market value to near zero.

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