DO SOMETHING: One more chance for us all to fight for Net Neutrality at the FCC

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I thought we killed this zombie.


This one will keep returning. We have to nuke the whole place from the orbit, then wait until the fallout decays, then start anew from scratch.


It will never stop so long as the people that can make the rules are stupid enough to not care about the long term effects of things on people that don’t have the money to just avoid the rules altogether.


I like how the guys choking all communication are going to argue that that in itself is free speech. Added bonus, acting like the public hasn’t the right to dictate how the corporate constructed lines are used while creating ordinances wherever possible to prevent anyone else from laying their own lines. They expect society have to keep pretending like we can’t actually see the big picture all the time? Another point I’d like to make is that these lines were constructed from the profits of paying customers, not from daddy Comcast’s retirement fund so I don’t think its fair to say they own it so much as we payed them to build it for us, they just don’t want to let us use it anymore like it was meant to be used. It’s like the Postmaster acting like all the mail is really his just because it passes through his mailcenter, and we’re just really lucky he continues forwarding it to us since he doesn’t really have to.


I remember ‘we’ as in the government via taxpayers money and in tax breaks, gave them a lot of money to upgrade their infrastructure… which they didn’t really do.


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