Americans sent the FCC 1.6 million pro-Net Neutrality comments yesterday


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Why do I suspect that millions of individuals will be ignored on this?


Probably won’t matter. Pai undoubtedly has instructions to make nice with big business.


I sent my comment!

and just in case, I have this ready to go if I need to drain the swamp…permanently.



I’m just glad big business hasn’t focused on abolishing “air neutrality” yet.


Yet, yet…


And how many millons of anti-NN messages were sent by the FCC’s spambots?

This is a perfect example of why net neutrality is dead. Because the common people can use it to express themselves. It’s not just the money. The people who have the power also want to kill the First Amendment, and their cost-benefit analyses tell them that having FCC rules which allow them to choke traffic to web sites they don’t like will give them the biggest RIO in their fight to ensure they are never again bothered by the yammering from the mob. It’s much less visible and therefore less likely to cause lawsuits than passing laws which limit free speech.

The fact that the Internet allows groups of like-minded people to quickly and easily find each other, and to exchange ideas and information - to organize - is why net neutrality will be murdered. No matter how many messages they have to pretend they didn’t receive.


As a thought experiment, how many of those comments do you suppose were accompanied by six-figure campaign contributions?


obviously not all of them, as that would be trillions of dollars.


1.6 million is many million too few.



Unfortunately none of our opinions matter, only those of the ISPs and media companies because the FCC has been all but completely infiltrated by corporate interest.


1.6 million? BAH!

Americans AGAINST so-called “Net Neutrality” sent 1.6 BILLION e-mails!


America is also not safe from cyber attacks read

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