A law-enforcement agency is trying to figure out who owns the bots that hacked the FCC's Net Neutrality comment period, but the FCC is obstructing justice


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It’s almost as if someone has something to hide


Maybe the FCC owns the bots


The FCC has already said they don’t care about public comments unless they are framed as unique legal arguments. Why should they give two shits about bots spamming their comment section?


I know keeping net neutrality is important, and I know the big red banner is meant to be annoying, but could you turn it off for those of us outside the US who’s internet isn’t threatened by the FCC nor have a congressman to complain to.



Why do our law enforcement agencies seem impotent when dealing with corprorate entities or agencies run by right wing miscreants? If this were a young black man on the street suspected of shoplifting a candy bar, you know justice would be swift, if not deadly. Fuck the United States, we’re so fucking corrupt, it makes my head spin. And fuck trump while we’re at it. Just fuck him.


Who do you think lines their pockets? Certainly not those “young black men on the street suspected of shoplifting a candy bar”.


They said that after the pro-neutrality comments came in such high numbers, and the anti-neutrality comments being primarily bot spam came to light.


I got an emailed letter from my local Congresscritter thanking me for my comments in support of net neutrality.

I do support it. Trouble is, I never made any such comments, from any email address.

It is not entirely beyond the realm of possibility that there was pro-neutrality hackery at work, as well.


Actually I can agree with them there. Accepting RFCs via web commenting is just plain silly. About as useful as online petitions.


Oh, I don’t doubt there were spambots on both sides. I’m just saying that the FCC’s statement about refusing to consider the vast majority of public comments came about after the majority of anti-neutrality comments were outed as fake.

(Note: I’m not claiming the FCC spammed their own comments, just that they only poo-poo’d the whole thing once it became obvious that it was going so solidly against Pai’s pre-made decision.)


It’s not as if they couldn’t get a search warrant, compel them to make statement, or do things like police work. Why even ask? If there is evidence law enforcement is being kept from, it would only stop them if they wanted to be stopped.


So, your answer to my question is… law enforcement is stopping themselves. The next question is why? Which is essentially the heart of the matter.


HEY! You’ll accept it and you’ll like it! Now… eat your green beans!


The system has walled itself off from just about any meaningful reform, short of villagers with pitchforks.

Time to sharpen up the yard tools.


Isn’t it funny… ironic funny, how the trumpista’s were all about draining the swamp, and trump was gonna do it! In reality, trump just flooded the swamp and solidified the power of the fascist oligarchs into from what I can see is a permanent state, along with his own self interests. It’s difficult to understand how so many were hood winked into voting for the guy thinking he would do what is in the interests of the people when it was obvious from a thousand yards this guy was going to enable the GOP to wreak havoc on our government institutions. We have met our enemy… and it is us.


I don’t think it’s that difficult to understand- he ran on a campaign of unabashed racism, sexism, anti-intellectualism and all-around horribleness. They got exactly what they wanted- a person they can relate to for President. The fact that he’s screwing them over along with everyone else doesn’t matter- they’d do the same thing in his position.


i agree the popup should stay closed once closed, that is common decency, but i’d also like to point out that anything that affects such a huge swath of the net affects everyone.


Wait I know this one. I’ve seen this on TV. They need a court order! :slight_smile:

Since this is the FCC likely whatever federal court has jurisdiction over the FCC, alas.