New York Attorney General expands law-enforcement investigation into the bots that killed Network Neutrality

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If we ever overcome and hold accountable the current era’s obstructionists, I hope Pai’s in the top 50.


The bot didn’t kill net neutrality, they just trolled the tech dorks who thought that public comment mattered. Even now they’re doing their job: convincing tech dorks that if only they solve this technical puzzle they can have their internet back and helping them deny the truth: that the reason Net Neutrality is dead is that they are too “pure” and “independent” to vote for Democrats.

I can’t wait for the deflection from not voting for that “disingenuous bitch Hillary” that they come up with when California’s Net Neutrality law comes before Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.


But if we ever held wealthy conservatives accountable, what sort of prescident would that set? Insanity, I tell you!




The FCC justified its Net Neutrality-killing order…

No they didn’t. The bots were used as cover, but they didn’t really justify the current order at all. It was pure fiat. Federal agencies aren’t actually allowed to say “because I said so,” so there are several suits pending. Cross your fingers for a few apolitical judges. They’re out there, even now.


I actually bothered to check the Motherboard article but saw no indication that expected incoming AG, Letitia James, is on board with this investigation. So given that this is an initiative from a per se lame duck AG, this requires a huge caveat in the reportage. Dunno what a news consumer has to do these days to get some decent factual content in reportage…

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