Congressional Budget Office will (eventually) investigate the millions of fraudulent anti-Net Neutrality comments sent to the FCC

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No rush or anything, just get to it when you have the time…

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The FCC broke however many rules and I’m not holding my breath to see whether they don’t interfere with the GAO investigation either, sorry.


I can live with the wait on this one. The important thing is that yet another angle of attack has been opened on the FCC ruling. Tech industry giants, media companies, consumers, Congresspeople, state attorneys generals, governors, municipalities, makers, budget and audit agencies, technologists, public interest groups are all going after, undermining, or finding workarounds to the garbage ruling that Pai and his cronies foisted on us. One way or another it’s going to be struck down.


Oh, for the love of Mike. CBO != GAO. They’re two very different agencies. The Government Accountability Office exists for this sort of thing, finding (usually governmental) fraud and attributing it correctly. the Congressional Budget Office exists to score budget legislation and do other esoteric economic stuff. They’re not in the business of determining fraud. This headline needs to be corrected, stat.


Why can’t I see the goddamned sailboat?!

Because it’s a truck.

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