The anti-Net Neutrality bots that flooded the FCC impersonated dead people


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If the FCC is going to consider comments from dead people and obvious bots, why not create bots that spam it with pro-net neutrality comments from dead people?


Simpsons did it.


This article is tagged with the well known “cable company fuckery” tag.

Since he is clearly now complicit, I propose a new tag:

##Ajit Pai Fuckery


I suspect this same thing happened to voting machines last November to get the orange toilet floater elected.


“I see dead people.”



Any self-respecting “conservative” can assure you that only Democrats cheat.


“… Center for Individual Freedom.”

This is like, “Peoples Democratic Republic” in the list of names that don’t mean what they want you to think they mean.


Not a center, not for individuals, and only about freedom to be shafted. (And not at all a back-door connection to Trump.)


I like his suit.


I suspect you are right, considering the amount of projection from American right-wing activists.

They were probably granny farming rather than getting dead people to vote though.


Fat Well-upholstered Tony.


This agglomeration which was called and which still calls itself the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire.


It’s good to see old traditions continuing.


The Empire Never Ended


I remember when the bluenoses in Newport News decided to outlaw nude dancing. Called themselves something like “Citizens for Freedom” — pretty much a dead giveaway.


Why do the dead hate our freedom?!?


They should go back where they came from!


We’re all on our way there


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