1.1m comments received by the FCC about keeping the internet open, visualized


That is a hugely impressive number of complaints. If that were one per person that would be between 1 in 3 and 1 in 4 Americans complaining about the threat to Net Neutrality. I expect there is a healthy bot community in the responses however, especially since it was so hard to get on the site during the comment period. Still, that is a lot of feedback for the FCC to just ignore.

Oh this is totally biased. I’ll bet he completely ignored the comments like “I heart Comcast,” and “Corporations are people.”


Well, yes. Surely to have any weight we must see the strengths of the pro arguments on the same map. Maybe we are though. Perhaps they’re the tiny little unlabeled islands? I think we should be told.

No no, they must be presented as if they had equal weight. This is called balance. Cf: climate change.

Of course. Silly of me.

The anti-net neutrality comments were so overwhelming they were simply left out of this analysis, in order to maintain some level of detail. I understand the first draft was just an image of IC1101 next to a grain of sand.

Ah, well, you’ll be needing a log scale to emphasise the importance of the small stuff then. Without telling anyone of course.

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