#Internetslowdown: FCC receives record-breaking 1.75M comments on Net Neutrality


And then they will ignore us and do whatever the lobbyists say and we will wear t-shirts with snarky phrases and just pay out our noses for decent speeds because we do.


Remember 98 percent of those Janet Jackson complaints were via some automated Focus On the Family type websites. I don’ t mean to say that many our our systems aren’t also automated, but that they were able to rev up outrage pretty quickly on that issue.

So did it accomplish what they wanted? Janet Jackson hasn’t been on any half time shows since!
Mission Accomplished!

Yes, of course, the protesters did briefly crash the FCC website.

See? See? All those so-called neutrality types are just pirates like Anonymous and their orbital cannons!


25% more calls than a nipple.

There are days I feel like we deserve this mess.


"We are the people. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Expect us."

#that’s how I’m reading this scenario

This fight was lost when Tom Wheeler got the nod to head the FCC, if not before…About the best that can be hoped for is that they have to put more windowdressing over the “Let Comcast run the internet” plan.


“The fix is in.”

The issue of open internet and net neutrality came under focus very recently.


Well, allow me to retort!

Nya nya nya nya nyah nyaahhh!

also, just in case:

I guess I was just expressing some optimism that the “fix” wouldn’t take. Unfortunately, the fix still has a lot of juice in DC and in elections.

I was surprised and thought; not your usual, eloquent self.

I guess I am being a little defeatist but I find it difficult to see the silver lining around this particular shit-storm.

The revolving door between lobbying and… Federaling spins so goddamn fast I’m surprised the candidates don’t all actually travel back in time, rather than just promoting policies from the dark ages.


Who knows? Big media has yet to cram the “broadcasting rights” treaty down everybody’s throats…Although I don’t think there was much resistance in DC.

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