The FCC will vote on Net Neutrality in February


What is the best way to send comments?

Or gift baskets. You just know that Komcast, TWK are sending those commissioners gift baskets. You know, Harry & David’s special “Pears wrapped into $50,000 checks” basket.


Ah, the old “wait until the outrage blows over and then do what you were going to do anyway” tactic. Unimaginative, but only because everyone does it because it works.


Does anyone else see a striking resemblance to Hans Landa?


I am sure they will take all the “public comments” into consideration before they “vote”.

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Well we can hope it will go well…

Great. We either get net neutrality combined with FCC control (which will grow and grow and eventually morph into power over content) or ISPs will be allowed to choke off any content that hasn’t paid the toll. Either way the net’s golden age is over.

FCC lost our comments:

They will probably do it again. :frowning:

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