More than 99% of FCC commenters support Net Neutrality



Do you have any evidence to support your seemingly misleading and incorrect headline claim that more than 99% of commenters support net neutrality? The text you quote states only that fewer than 1% clearly oppose it, which is by no means the same thing – there are almost certainly a significant number who do not have a clear position one way or the other. Perhaps you should change the headline to “Fewer than 1% of FCC commenters oppose net neutrality”.


The headline also is inconsistent with this from the body:

A small number of comments (around 5 percent, including letters from Stop Net Neutrality and a Tea Partier blog) had anti-regulation messages

I assume those five percent would have to be classified as opposed to Net Neutrality, or at least not supporting.

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Completely irrelevant. What do they think this is - a democracy? The real question is what percent of comments with checks attached. I’ll bet the results are very different when you unskew the polls.


Thankfully since 1% control all the money they won’t be oppressed the tyranny of the majority.


How many had the word “dingo” in them?


Are you implying that more than 1% supported fast/slow lanes or just that they were unclear about what “regulation” means.

From the body:

Interestingly, some of these comments seemed to emphasize freedom for consumers while others advocated freedom for ISPs, two positions seemingly at odds with one another."

Have we gone from “concern trolling” to “explain lod-jdik to me”?

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Are you implying that more than 1% supported fast/slow lanes or just that they were unclear about what “regulation” means.

Neither, if I understand you correctly. The topic was the headline. The headline says, “More than 99% of FCC commenters support Net Neutrality.” The quote I pulled from further down the body cites “around 5 percent” having “anti-regulation messages”. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to suppose these are opposing Net Neutrality, even if they may oppose it for reasons I might find foolish. It’s even less of a stretch considering they inlcuded “letters from Stop Net Neutrality”. I would have thought this reading to be dead obvious – evidently not.

(Considering that 2-3% of people are said to believe they have been abducted by aliens, I don’t think 5% of people genuinely opposing Net Neutrality is outlandish. Or rather, life itself is outlandish and this is just another part of it.)

Have we gone from “concern trolling” to “explain lod-jdik to me”?

I sincerely have no idea what you’re on about.

The 5% are people who used key words or phrases typically associated with opposition to government regulation. Some of those opposed net neutrality, some supported net neutrality but opposed the current regulatory proposal, and some espoused general anti-government or anti-regulation views without expressing any particular opinion about net neutrality.


I think I’ll just aim you back at the article, specifically the part I quoted.

Tom Wheeler is a clown. A dingo isn’t even a “feral, wild animal in Australia” so even his claim that he “looked it up” is questionable. Wild, yes. Australia, yes. Feral… no more than a wolf, of which the dingo is a subspecies.

They’re beautiful and they have an amazing, haunting howl.

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This is the so-called “Lizardman constant.” No matter what you ask, a few percent of people will give any answer.

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i think that people without an opinions very seldom jump through all the hoops necessary to leave feedback on proposed FCC regulations. the sampling of opinions i read through didn’t contain a single neutral or unclear position. did you see a lot of unsure or neutral opinions when you looked into it?

sadly very true.

:slight_smile: LOL.

Very true, even a 97% result is pretty much hitting the ceiling on any issue, you can’t get much higher then that since like you state, statistically there will always be a few percent for anything.

It is encouraging that even for such a complex issue the overwhelming majority of people favor net neutrality, the highest percentage anyone could reasonably expect from any such polling. I guess the people have spoken.

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