How Cuba's greatest cartoonist fled from Castro and created 'Spy vs. Spy'


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Time for the gritty feature film reboot.


Kuper is a enviably talented cartoonist and his other collections of work (especially his memoirs) are absolutely worth your time and money. I can’t think of another artist better suited to carry the Spy vs Spy torch.


Wonderful! Also my favorite! But…

“oddly pointy-faced”???

They’re crows, right? Right???


Anyone ever play the NES game? It was fun once you got the hang of it.


I would recommend the Argentinian cartoonist Quino as well, though he’s relatively unknown in the US. He created a strip similar to Peanuts called after the main character (Mafalda), but with more political/societal commentary and Schultz from Peanuts had previously said that he was a fan of his work. Quino is also really well known for creating more direct political/social cartoon strips for publications. Some with dialogue and some wordless, but the drawings are phenomenal and clever.

I’m a giant fan if you can’t tell :smiley:


Ron Howard was attached to an adaptation once upon a time.


I would not mind a Spy Vs Spy movie, something akin to Peter Sellers version of Pink Panther would be totally up my alley. Or a movie similar to Snatch or Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, where things slowly get more and more crazy and out of hand the closer the movie gets to the end.


That was actually a port of an 8-bit computer game.


@frauenfelder for me the order of reading MAD was Spy vs Spy first, then Don Martin, then AL Jaffe (also interesting life story) then the rest.


I loved those as a kid. It’s nice know there was an exemplary human being behind them :relaxed:


An example.



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