SPY is back! (sort of)


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No. If you can’t stay, don’t bother visiting, Spy. Spy Jr and little Spyrina need a father, not a visitor.


I read a few issues when I was a student, and it seemed like it was just gossip about people I had never heard of. Wry, mordant gossip - but still.


Remember how Rage Against The Machine took most of the George W. Bush Administration off?

This doesn’t really make up for that, but it’s a start.


“Short-fingered vulgarian.”


I read Spy off and on and it was really amusing, though it was very insider-y, and I skipped the stuff on celebs/biillionaires they were savaging unless I’d heard of them. The Trump slagging was really entertaining since he’s always been a thin-skinned philistine. Wonkette’s kind of filled the gap on political hyper-snark, though Spy was more general in going after every privileged tool out there.


If we could only bring back suck.com


I can’t see that phrase without imagining it to the rhythm of MC Frontalot’s “Tongue Clucking Grammarian”


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