Tabloids: Drunk Obama resigns, Sanders is a Russian spy, Unabomber has a baby

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Drunk Obama resigns, Sanders is a Russian spy, Unabomber has a baby…

I knew it.


Where is the important news!

Where were the space aliens spotted?


"My favorite story in People mag is on Charles Manson’s women - ‘Where are they now?’

Jail, jail, and jail, is the answer for Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten."

It should be, “Dead, jail, and jail,” as Susan Atkins died some time ago. I have no idea why this little tidbit has stuck with me.


They’ll all be at the next GOP debate…

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The most likely place to spot the “space aliens” would have been the Weekly World News, R.I.P. (sadly).


You’re right subextraordinaire - thanks for catching that. Correction made.


Bigfoot solved but the backstory requires a heaping dose of brain bleach

OMG, I’m hearing the spy speak in Sanders voice… IT MUST BE TRUE!!!

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That sent me to a thumbnail that I don’t understand.

You mentioned brain bleach, so maybe I should be happy about that? I once opened a video titled “watch at your own risk” and I’ve never been the same.

They have been online only for years now… which really isn’t the same fun as the print version.

No problem. Reading Helter Skelter freaked me out and any news about the Manson family seems to stay in my brain f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

I really enjoy your recaps. It helps me make sense of the headlines when I’m in the checkout line at the grocery store. Reading your summary is like reading Vanity Fair and justifying VF over People because of the column inches. :wink:

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I like to think, in my small self-conscience/conscious way, that my cyber-writing has influenced others, ultimately helping the species, aka humanity, somehow, perhaps to communicate ideas. I look for evidence of my memery in my memory of quick observations online, and I find it sometimes. Old me appearing anew, stylistically, somewhere else unrelated to my digits current hunting and pecking. I don’t try to take credit anymore; I just notice.

I. found. this. here.


Its a shaved sasquatch from The Venture Brothers.Said Squatch was the “longtime companion” of their Six Million Dollar Man pastiche.


I stand corrected. What was that guys name, was it Angry Bob? Does he still have a column?

Ed Anger and is a pseduonym. The original writer has gone on to other things…

That’s the guy! I loved that column. He would have to dig a bit deeper in this day and age or people would vote for him.