Trump pushes false Obamagate conspiracy, abuses female reporters in White House press conference

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Trump has snit, verbally abuses 2 female reporters, ends press conference abruptly


Can anyone sum up “Obamagate” for me? I don’t think I have the willpower to look it up on Twitter today.


The crime Obama “obviously committed” is… being Black?


Why he’s bringing this up: the press published that Obama called his response chaotic
What he’s supposedly bringing up and calling it Obamagate: The FBI opening an investigation in 2016 into Russia contact with his campaign.


I wonder what Obama personally thinks about all this nonsense (including all the past blame-game BS coming from the admin). Chuckling? Facepalming? Both? Neither?


Tan suit?



Hitler Promises to “Kill All the Jews” in Wacky Reichstag Tirade

No, that weird translucent latex-like stuff is his actual skin.

Note: headline changed.


So, quid pro quo was not a crime, because it’s never specifically described that way in the statutes.

But you can be sure the Orange Sh!tstain’s Sturmtruppen will have “Obamagate” on their lips until the next election.

Presuming we have one.


I can maybe barely excuse a tiny tiny precentage of voters the first time around.

But what if he doesn’t lose by " a lot" in November? What does it mean not about him because he’s exactly as advertised but our neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc.

I mean how much more can this country take?

It’s going to be 100,000 deaths Memorial Day, how is that acceptable to anyone?


Time to send those bots to Twitter to remind the world about the enormous percentage of Americans who are proud of this clown’s performance.


C’mon, Jared. Grow a pair and stop wearing a mask. Especially around you father-in-law.


Well, Memorial Day is properly to remember those who died in active military service, so…

But at another notion, maybe the fiasco of ⊥rump;s handling of the pandemic was not so much a failure on his part, but us (rational, compassionate, human beings) not realizing he was playing a different game.

Maybe he never meant to mitigate the death toll, maybe saving lives was literally never part of the objective. All he needed to do was delay until the number of dead got up into the range where it starts becoming incomprehensible.

Someone said: “When one dies, it is a tragedy. When a million die, it is a statistic.”

Maybe that was his end game all along.


You give 45 too much credit; he’s not capable of such complex thought, IMO.


No ketchup on hot dogs?

Churchill bust?

Something even less serious?

A little more context:

Because a couple line items on the FISA applications for Carter Page had some errors (but would not have affected the approval of the warrants), because the now-infamous transcripts show that there was nothing illegal about Flynn’s calls with Russia. (Flynn admitted wrongdoing when he lied to the FBI to cover his Russia contacts – plead guilty twice, and confirmed it was not Entrapment.)

Somehow all of this is “worse than Watergate”. Anyone pushing that line really needs a refresher on what went down with Watergate. Trying to blow up small, irrelevant legal and administrative quibbles into “Worse than Watergate” is unbelievably wishful thinking.

The Republican Base is willing to go along with this fiction as long as it serves the purpose of keeping their man in power, or weakening the other guys. So basically, they are going to get away with it because they have done away with the people “Watching the Watchers”.

Another fiction “The Base” seems to be happy to go along with is the same kind of play as the ridiculous “Secret Memo” – where an anonymous source allegedly familiar with it made some assertions about the contents, and everyone is playing along, taking it as gospel.


Apparently people are tying it into the handling of the Flynn case - I think in particular, Trump’s previous comments about how Obama was given some briefing while he was in office but someone said he didn’t, or the opposite. It’s kind of hard to know if that’s what Trump is actually talking about, though, because it’s just been “Obamagate!” tweets with no context, as far as I can tell. He throws a lot of accusations at Obama about non-crimes he didn’t commit, so I’m not sure why that particular incoherent implied accusation would be the one connected. (I mean, he was also upset with Obama’s handling of the swine flu and… not getting enough people killed, I guess?) More likely he’s just saying the word to imply a scandal after Obama openly criticized his response, not actually making specific accusations.

Best estimates indicate we’re well past that point already. Trump and his minions have shifted into death-toll denial mode, pretending the official under-count is an exaggeration because at least on some level they realize that isn’t acceptable.

Stalin. Stalin supposedly said that.

Yeah, there was no plan. Trump is purely reactive, which makes him totally incapable of dealing with something like a pandemic, where you don’t respond to current events but plan for what’s going to happen. But the sentiment behind Stalin’s quote certain has become a guiding part of their strategy for dealing with this, since it’s always been treated by the White House as a public relations issue rather than a public health one.


It’s because people on twitter said that Obama’s presidency was scandal free so a bunch of bots started spamming Obamagate to get it trending and dunderheads began to keep it rolling. Most of it is devoid of anything other than the hashtag, some of it brings up very valid bad things Obama did, a lot of it is racist ramblings, Q conspiracies galore, and of course centrists keeping it trending because they feel they have to correct the record by using the same hashtag. EDIT: And yes, the catalyst was the DOJ pre-pardoning Flynn to not make Trump look bad in an election year.

I’m more depressed that Greenwald and Taibbi and such are maintaining the line that Barr has been above reproach while the FBI did everything 100% wrong and evilly. That’s the part that will continue to confuse me, but I guess their brand is that they decide something they believe and only present evidence proving that point and never swaying even slightly despite the reality around them - even if they hit the mark a lot.


I think it was a woman asking a question, then him refusing to answer another woman and walking out, right?

We need a viral (in the old sense) moment, something like one of them yelling to his retreating back, “Wow, what a wimp! Look at you, running away from a couple of women!” And him storming back and saying, “What did you say? WHAT did you say!!! Respect the office, bitch! RESPECT ME!!”

Meh. I guess that wouldn’t really be any more outrageous than a lot of the shit he’s already said. And it would all be “the press’s fault.”

Man oh man, I’m so sick of this festering orange asshole. Including the way he somehow never quite steps over the line.


That has always been true.

Though so is this.

Still, there are lots of people around him capable to actual thought, however low-grade. I can’t help but notice that the push for “Reopening Fever!” was pretty muted at the beginning, with a lot of Republicans and Republican governors anxious not to make things worse. And then the studies came out showing massive overrepresentation of minorities in cases and deaths, and suddenly we had to “re-open” IMMEDIATELY.