Russia criminal investigation expands to include senior WH official close to Trump: WaPo


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Ooh, intensifying probes about relieving the great pressure. How titillating.


One wonders how much Trump’s own people kept from him. Trump clearly can’t be trusted not to blab inappropriately about anything, and his advisors surely knew that. If you were Manafort, or Flynn, or Stone, or any of the others, wouldn’t you be careful about what you said to Trump? On the other hand, Trump clearly knows something that he’s managing to keep to himself.


Lady, I hate and despise Drumpf so much I would gladly contribute money to a Kickstarter campaign to hire a voodoo priestess to give him tertiary syph, and I’m the kind of guy who refuses to put money in the offering plate at church, but I have to object to your headline. I am a writer by trade, and in my opinion, if you actually care one tiny bit about journalistic integrity, or truth, or accuracy, you will remove the word “criminal”. It has not yet been determined whether or not any violation of any law has been commited. It has not yet been determined if there is reason to believe that anyone has commited any act which violates any law, US or Russian.

It is necessary to make that distinction not for Drumpf’s sake, but for your sake, to avoid falling into the same pit of absolutism in thought as Drumpf and his idiotic supporters exhibit. That is why I object to your headline. As it is said in A Man For All Seasons, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake.


Graham: Trump-Russia investigation is now a ‘criminal investigation’


The investigation into trump and Russia has moved from the previous Counter Intelligence investigation now into a criminal investigation. The headline is perfectly accurate. Source:

Criminal investigations exist to find out if there was a crime committed, not just some after-the-fact thing when you already know. If you already have the evidence you don’t need any investigation.

Don’t be sexist.


NYT calls it a criminal investigation, too:


Jared’s going to fall on his sword for papa Trumpie.


You think there’s still time?


But then, who’s going to run the country?


Dream on. There’s no percentage in that, for several reasons. To start with, this is Trump – he doesn’t even pay his lawyers consistently. Add to that that Kushner or no, the odds of El Mango Supremo making it to the finish line are not great. There are several other possibilities, too, if not as high on the list.


Kushner might fall on his sword if he reckons he can continue to have a spot in the business empire. But not if he has any political aspirations himself.



You get down the line of succession to Orin Hatch until they lose ties to Russia. Ryan included. Apparently quite a few campaign coordinators too.


He’s not in sort of government position though…


He’ll be taken care - his dad still has friends in the Federal Prison Camp in Alabama. Maybe he can even get dad’s old bunk?


He’s a Senior White House Advisor.


Is he? I must have been thinking of his wife.



The russian connections are there, regardless. If any of them are going down, it will gut the gop of leadership, because they have all implicated themselves.