Russia criminal investigation expands to include senior WH official close to Trump: WaPo


“I cannot take your money.”

“Republican, eh? You don’t seem like the type.”

“You do not understand. I cannot accept payment to cast a spell to accomplish which Mother Nature has already done.”





And to think, that “senior WH official” is more than likely on a plane…with Trump…for the next 14? hours. If I were on that plane I’d be in duck and cover mode.


Graham said, and I quote, “…it seems to me now that it is considered…” That’s a statement of his personal belief. He did NOT say “It is.” I’ll wait to hear a more definitive statement from someone actually in the investigating organization.

The person who wrote the original article is a woman. The word “lady” is a form of address specifically used with women. You’re trying to say it is sexist to address a woman using a term that is specifically meant for addressing a woman. Your comment is about as logical as saying it is sexist to use the word “mare” when referring to a female horse.


The way you used it is exceedingly condescending and sexist. You were using it to directly talk down to the author as a woman. It’s not about the word itself and entirely about how you used it.


Looks like it’s going to get a bit harder for Carter “Gazprom” Page to dodge the spotlight.


Dude, you’re being an asshole.


It’s the golden shower tape. At this rate, I expect it to “leak” soon… ha!


I’m betting $5 on Kushner to win.


Look, I get you wanted to mansplain something to the author but your better make damn sure you know what you’re talking about before you do.

We know of 2 investigations into the Trump Admin. concerning Russia, a counter-intelligence investigation and a criminal investigation. That fact isn’t even being disputed by the Admin. themselves.


Where would you like your no prize sent?


Let it ride.


Rats. I was hoping it would be Gorka.


the word itself definitely has a misogynistic history however. much like hysterical. that history and the sense of the word adds to why someone might use it – and not “ms”, for instance - in a sarcastic or demeaning manner.

women and girls have been being told to “grow up” and be a “lady” for ages. it carries a specific and narrow conception of what a woman can become and how they can act. to be a lady means, generally, to be on good behavior, quiet and demur.

so… whether the poster knew it or not they sensed that particular word could be used as a slight against a woman stepping outside of what the poster believes is xeni’s proper place in the world.

f all that.


We’ll take that as a concession.


Drill, baby, drill!


I know it’s mean, but I don’t care: the thought of Ivanka having to visit him in jail fills me with almost as much glee as the thought of him being there.


Are you serious? You posted about your issue with the world by airing it here. I can’t even comprehend how the above statement is supposed to reconcile with reality.

Secondly, let’s not pretend that gendered pronouns are somehow never used in derogatory or demeaning ways. I will accept the argument that this is a text-based medium and therefore the sort of verbal cues that would normally be present are not, and therefore confusion is possible, but that doesn’t warrant rude counter-reactions either.

I’m going to leave the discussion above from you, @M_Dub, @mewyn and others as-is and chalk it up to textual tonal ambiguousness, but let’s not derail further from the topic, please. Thanks.


Actually I’d argue that political correctness is 4 out of your 5 but what do I know, I’m not some neckbeard railing against “social warriors” like that’s a bad thing.



I’ve intentionally used both ‘lady’ and ‘dude’ to talk down to someone, especially when prefaced with the words “Look here, ____…”