Powerful new tool literally blasts mean YouTube comments to smithereens


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Herp Derp is literally the best thing ever.


How is it with intrusive government agencies and secret extra-national treaties?


You can also do the ‘virtual ostrich’ and bury your head in the sand, but it’s less interactive.


I did that with the telly and newspapers years ago.

My house is quiet now. Oh so very quiet.


Fabulous idea, my condolences to your TV though.


I wouldn’t feel too sorry for it, it doesn’t have an hdmi input…

I love the lack of pop culture in my home these days. I had no idea the Toronto Blue Jays were in the playoffs until my step- daughter want to watch the game the other night and couldn’t believe we didn’t have even basic cable.



Requires three taps.


When you see someone online that is priggishly polite, they are often a Holocaust denier. White supremacists place a high value on politeness because they know that many people are incapable of being skeptical when when someone is polite. Con men, sociopaths, and serial killers are often quite polite. Oh, and pedophiles, can’t forget them.


The politeness of your comment has been noted.


Thank you.


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