How did the Super Mario Bros Super Show come to be?

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The article title seems like a silly question to me. In the 80s every popular toy had a TV show. Before nintendo there was already the “Saturday supercade” with cartoons about pac man donkey Kong and QBert. If they didn’t make a Mario bros cartoon when it was the biggest game of all time that would be a surprise.

Edit: maybe I read that wrong. I guess it’s it’s not an exasperated “how??” But just a “let’s look behind the scenes at the creation of this thing”.

“Plumber Rap” was composed by Saban’s Shuki Levy…

Should have seen that one coming.

Never knew a thing about King Koopa’s Kool Kartoons. The comments on the video include this…

“A guy in a suit?”

SIR. The original King Koopa was none other than Chris “Starscream/Cobra Commander” Latta, who was apparently fired for being too terrifying to work with.

Yet another fitting page in a truly fascinating character’s story.

…with later comments claiming the actor was known to lash out.

On one hand, Nintendo’s dissatisfaction with The Legend of Zelda segments may have been responsible for the lack of any television or movie adaptation of the series since…

Not mentioned, there was a DVD release of those cartoons. After watching them again as an adult, I’m glad that there wasn’t another attempt while Nintendo’s version was still such a blank slate. On the one hand, Zelda gets involved in the action more than she did in the games despite being the title character. On the other, it had such a black & white morality system but one of Link’s two character traits was expecting to be rewarded with a kiss at almost all times. Also, I don’t think “Sing for the Unicorn” was going to win any awards for the series’ one portrayal of an east Asian character.

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