This 1929 cartoon is like an early Nintendo game

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Good find! That was enjoyable.


I love how old cartoons had these just throw away gags and non sequiturs. Like what was that whole hippo thing? And why did she derelict her duties to the point of almost killing someone!

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Like a “Tunnels & Trols” kinda solo crawl, with clever use of perspective.

I think the castle segment resembles a Legend of Zelda more than a Mario Bros. A giant hand comes out of the wall, there’s a hydra gaining more heads, a phantom that pops into existence at 3:09, the lamp is found within the castle (and seems only good for one use per room). The damsel also assists in the fight against the final boss, which is very much not Princess Toadstool’s Peach’s deal, but a more recent Zelda trait. The “extra life screen” at 5:09 could be either (Zelda II was made in the same engine as Super Mario Bros.). The real question is whether or not the shadow at 3:43 ever becomes an antagonist in the sequel.

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