How do I format posts here?

I think this is the best place to post/ask this:

Is there tutorial or cheat sheet on how to format stuff on this BBS that anyone can point me to. Don’t search on my behalf, but if you know already a link would be nice.

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As the filler help text notes when you begin composing a post, we support Markdown and BBCode.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official built in formatting reference yet.

The best Markdown reference I have found is at Stack Exchange:

The official BBCode reference is here:

(Note that we only support BBCode as a shortcut aid to learning Markdown, it’s not really “native” … so try to learn Markdown.)

A strict subset of some HTML also works, I can type:

this is <b>bold</b>

and get

this is bold.

But the HTML should really be avoided in favor of Markdown since it is more human readable when editing.

Sorry I didn’t even notice the text. Or must’ve just read ‘Type here’ & felt that was enough information :slight_smile:

I noticed the </> and saw the ‘enter code here’ message, tried a bit of stuff and made a mess. I’ll have a mooch at those links. I’ll be fine now I’ve got somewhere to look stuff up.

Thanks for your time.

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