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There used to be a BBS design thread, but after 12 paginations down I can’t find it, and I give up :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I went to edit a post - the last 3 sentences belonged as their own paragraph. But I couldn’t, because “The body of your post is too similar”. Sometimes I edit for format after posting, is this no longer going to be possible?

EDIT - and is there a way the BBS metas could be stickied up at the top? If there’s a sort option to get them there I’ve missed it - if that exists maybe a guide stickied at top :smiley: ?

Edit2 - and through experimentation and familiarity with other bulletin boards I know how to use formatting like this strikethrough. Could said hypothetical guide include things of that nature please?

Why do they need to be stickied? Simply clicking on the meta category is quite easy, there are not that many meta topics. Search works pretty well, remember that once you are in a category the search is scoped to that category.

As for formatting just read for now.

And whitespace only edits generally won’t go through for anti-griefing reasons – edit a word or character.

Ahh. OK, on my phone it seems less easy than on my comp. Thanks for the markdown reference, that’s awesome. “whitespace only edits generally won’t go through for anti-griefing reasons” I don’t get it, but I’ll take your word for it. Thanks for your time!

I was going to ask how, but a little googling showed me that <strike> works. Are there other options?

< s > text you want strike out < /s > to stop strike (with no spaces inside the < s > ) is the quick way. There’s a way to comment out codes so that they can be shown without extra spaces but I forget what it is :grin:

If you highlight the text and click the </> button you would get <s>. Is that what you want? It uses this symbol: `

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