How do I see a list of all of my posts?

So I click on my user name in the top right and it comes up with a list of “All” interactions with the bbs. I can then choose to view only “Responses” to my posts, “Replies” I’ve made to others, posts I’ve Liked or my posts that others have liked. How do I show JUST my own posts?

I think we should do a better job explaining what Replies is, perhaps a better word.

Technically, it mean all posts made by you which are not post #1 (new topic)

I see now that there is also an option for “New Topics”. Why not add a category for “My posts” and combine Replies and New Topics?

with Likes, y’all denote “given” and “received,” but there is nothing inherent to the terms Responses and Replies which implies one is given and the other received. pick one R word and use “given” and “received” with it the same way you’ve already done with likes? or something.

also, shouldn’t there be a specific button to list the forum posts of which you are the OP?

I am a huge fan of the split between stuff I am an OP of and “everything else”. Its quite rare for you to create new topics VS just participate, having the distinct filters allows me to quickly find the topics I am an OP of.

Totally open to improving the name, but stripping the feature that allows me to find my topics is something I would worry about.

Yeah, that’s the “topics” filter, it only shows up if there are more than 0 topics you created.

I agree the term Response vs Replies is a tad confusing. “Replies Given / Replies Received” and “Responses Given / Responses Received” don’t really sound right.

Maybe we should just be a bit more verbose here @codinghorror ?

Rename the options to:

Replies -> Replies Received
Responses -> Responses Given

oh. haven’t posted anything yet, so I guess that’s why i haven’t seen it. good show. carry on.

I feel ya, but it’s a lot less clunky than clicking around randomly until you find what you want, and then forgetting which is which every time you come back since the words are synonyms. but if you can think of one-word solutions, go for it. works perfectly for “Likes,” just sayin.

I think simply “posts” should suffice, as topics is already distinct. We need to drop the replies terminology where we can.

This is now complete and makes much more sense:


Yes thank you for the suggestions @CaptainPedge and @noahdjango this is a zillion times better than what we had.

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Note that as of recent changes, you can now properly deep link to sections of a user page. So @CaptainPedge for example, here are your posts.

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