How do you keep your dog so white?


Love Pyrs and the Nemo posts. Some day I’ll have the room to own one.


Night after night I lay awake at night worrying that my dog isn’t white enough.


If you are in NorCal or just want to consult with knowledgeable people about the breed, GPRNC is really wonderful. I know I am a broken record but they really, really work for those dogs.

This is one of those instances where I feel ashamed for the word white. Or Black, or any colour.

They could just be happy little things if they were never tarnished and met another living person.

Wow, in under a dozen comments we turned a dog post into a race issue. Color me impressed.


Poor colour, with all it’s children, having to suffer the slings and arrows of jest.


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This could have gotten really ugly if Nemo had been a girl dog.

Or an adorable fishie. I hear bleach is really bad for them.

Or for those of us in the crowd who are a little older… “ancient Chinese secret” ??


Me, I’m into bitches n’ gold. That’s why I got a female retriever.

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This is as noble a pursuit as having the greenest yard on the block.

Most paradoxical Escher sketch on the mantel?

How do you keep your… yeah, nevermind.

I prefer female shepherds, The retrievers slobber and chew on my dates something fierce, and that’s my job!

Or the purest stance on the internet.

Need to get him an orangey-blonde and pass him off as a Golden Retriever of Unusual Size.

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Why not a Golden Retriever of Unusual Enbiggenment?
(You’ll never sleep without the door cracked again!)

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Might try this at some point. We have a Pyrs/border collie mix who looks like a smallish Pyrs. He is also tinged red due to the red clay here in OK since he likes to dig and sleep in his holes.

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