How do you train for the most polluted race in the world?


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Triathlons in Washington DC regularly cancel the swimming portion. The Potomac River is nasty. The air can be too but, it depends on whether or not congress is in session.


I think I would expect there to be at least one U.S. runner who would want to go do this for bragging rights.

ETA: Just so you know, I’m not saying it’s a smart move.


obligatory negative comment about video aspect ratio


The Chinese are going to be pissed! Beijing had 600 and above for a week last December. Now Delhi is kicking their ass? NO, THIS WILL NOT STAND!


These endurance athletes can be really masochistic. If you don’t think this really needs saying, believe me, it is worth saying.


The only winning move is not to play.


Didn’t they have an outbreak of bubonic plague recently?



Maybe strap a bunch of these plants on your front and back, and hope they clean the air for you rapidly?


using symbiotic “smart-leaves”:


Synchronicitous you should bring them up. Some combination of recent events and pop cultural stuff this past week had me reminiscing about Apocamon again.


30,000 brown skin people a year. See what you can accomplish without big government trying to regulate everything? /s


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