The smog is so bad in Mexico City that officials are telling people to stay indoors

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But it looks so orange, did tRump have anything to do with this?

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How does that “stay indoors” thing work, anyway? People don’t have a separate independent source of air inside their apartments. It’s the same air as outside and all around or else we would suffocate.


Air-conditioned and filtered to some extent, I would imagine.
When we were kids growing up in San Jose in the 70’s, we would have bad air days and not be allowed to go outside for recess, etc… And if they keep stuff closed up, the smoke won’t come in - at least not be as bad as outside. We live in the city, but when we had fires in Southern CA that came close and made the air bad, we kept the house closed up and turned on the AC to keep the air inside as clean as possible. But I would imagine that there are a lot of circumstances where it wouldn’t make that big a difference.


It’s a Libertarian paradise! Small government FTW!


So does this mean that Carbon Trading doesn’t work or that Mexico City won all the auctions?

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