Chart shows states where Covid is spiking

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Here’s a question that seems obvious in retrospect that I didn’t hear any of those warm-weather states acknowledge during the spring months we heard so much about how fresh air and sunshine would keep this virus from spreading there: where do most people go in place like Arizona, Texas, and Florida during the hours of, say, 11am to 3pm in the hottest part of the day? Are they outside in the fresh air and 110 degree sunshine keeping the Covid knocked down, or are they inside climate-controlled, hermetically sealed bubbles of recycled air to keep the skin from blistering off their face?


That Florida, Arizona, and Texas had low case numbers initially is part of the reason for the current spikes. Few people were impacted personally which made it much easier to believe the trumpist lies about the pandemic being nothing to worry about. (of course if they hadn’t been getting fed those lies in the first place that would help)


All red states, except for California?


No need to worry, those six states only include one third the total population of the US. /s


I suppose that the American way isn’t the Spanish way. The solution is the ‘siesta’.

another solution is to buy a white Cadillac convertible (bullhorns optional) wear a white Stetson and a white linen suit. Or is too '70 serial baddie?


I think that Boss Hogg, once he heard from the CDC that some factors (like a high BMI) would make COVID-19 more serious if contracted, would isolate at least himself and maybe order Hazzard County to shut everything down to keep the people safe. He could still order Sheriff Rosco around via phone and CB radio if necessary.

Given that he and Uncle Jesse were “frenemies” he probably would have offered a temporary truce to the Duke boys if they’d agree to stay isolated to let this blow over, to reduce the risk of bringing the virus back to Jesse. After all, age is another factor that can make the virus more serious.


That red/blue divide seems most applicable to the presidential election, and to a lesser extent, the Senate. The blue wave that brought us a Democratic House of Representatives in 2018 may be just getting started.

I live in Oklahoma, where the last time a Democratic presidential candidate carried the state was in 1964 (LBJ), but even that was an outlier because the three election cycles preceding had all gone to the Republican candidate.

But Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional district went blue after 44 years in the red in 2018 when Kendra Horn (D) ousted the former incumbent Steve Russell ® by 1.4%

I think Florida is already considered “purple” and Texas could go that way soon. Conversely, even solid “blue” California has 10 (out of 53) House seats held by Republicans.

ETA: Steve Russell is not a registered trademark, but rather, a washed up Republican.


CDC has a dashboard for excess deaths. Can also break down by jurisdiction.

(Ignore that last one on the right (Week ending June 13th, data is delayed.))


I fully expect that the blue states where the virus has plateaued and dropped will get spikes too, now that so many places are opening up again. I see people here in MA walking around with their masks around their chins, like that does any good.


In Georgia its been both hot and rainy, a muggy combination. But some of the HOAs are opening up their pools soon so good luck with that I suppose!

I do wonder if there is a difference between hot and dry vs hot and humid as far as virus transmission goes. But if everyone is indoors it doesn’t matter much.


The NBACC put out some calculators that show decay vs environmental factors based on its testing of airborne and surface contaminant viruses.


Yes, California is complicated. I’d love to see figures by county. I live in LA County, which is pretty dense. And the state being blue doesn’t mean everyone is equally (a) sensible and (b) willing to take guidance from the Governor and © able to push back against their employers. The density and high population will magnify the errors of even a small number of people who either won’t observe precautions (because Freedom™) or can’t (because they’d get fired – just look at Tesla).


I see that too. I think the premise is that if they get close to anybody they can pull it up over their faces. I mean, I imagine that must be what they’re thinking.

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My neighborhood is very walkable, and we see LOTS of people wearing masks on their chins or around their necks. (The walkers, anyway, are 75% masked. The runners and cyclists, near zero.)
The dance goes like this: when they are approaching other people, they pull the mask up. The other people , if masked, pull their masks up. After they pass, the masks get pulled back down.
Aside from the bad hygiene of touching the outside of the mask and not sanitizing afterward, this practice at least would help prevent some virus spreading.
Everyone I’ve walked near who wears a mask that way pulls it up when they see my mask up.But then again, I’m in a liberal and slightly diverse neighborhood. I don’t know what it’s like in other places.


And apparently one state living about 30 days in the future.


That may be California. They may have started getting cases long before the rest of the country.

Autopsy reports from Santa Clara County in California have adjusted estimates of the first US fatality from COVID-19 by several weeks. The reports’ findings, announced yesterday (April 21) by the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health, show that one of the county’s residents died at home from COVID-19 on February 6—long before the first US fatality from the disease was reported near Seattle on February 29.


This is a legit question / point of doubt for me. I wear a mask, but I’ve read conflicting instruction as to whether it’s to protect me, or the people who have to breath the same air I just exhaled.

If it’s to protect me, then yeah, touching the outside of the mask without sanitizing afterward is problematic. But if it’s primarily to protect others, isn’t the contaminated surface the interior of the mask?

I’m going to keep wearing the mask regardless, I just want to know which sanitation protocol I should be following.


Nah, he’d enter into a lucrative under-the-table contract with the Duke boys to run contraband hand sanitizer across county lines…