Chart shows states where Covid is spiking

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The mask is to protect others, in case you are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic. The mask is to protect you, in case one of the unmasked is infected and exhales virus particles.

I play it safe by traveling with a tiny sanitizer bottle attached to my waist (It was a random Xmas present, how prescient!) that I use to sanitize my fingers when I touch my mask, or if I have to push buttons to purchase something & I forgot my pen, or open doors with a handle.
I also don’t travel outside much.


Already happening in WA, OR, CA. The big difference is that all three governors, Inslee, Brown, and Newsom reacted quickly to the uptick and have issued mandatory mask orders of various flavors.


I’m already doing this part.

And I shall regard this a solid advice going forward.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:


This describes the behavior in my area, too, as well as my own behavior. However, I have 360 degree masks that are easy to pull up and pull down with just a pinch of two fingers, and I wash my hands pretty regularly or use sanitizer when I’m in a car. I’m also one of those unmasked runners, but I just steer way clear of everyone - like 10 meters clear - so that I’m not breathing on people. Away from home, I’m wearing that mask 100% indoors and avoiding places where few people wear masks (in theory, that’s nowhere in the state now, but not every place is enforcing it :frowning: .


I wish Newsom would better articulate the mandate for wearing masks. I think that if you’re outside of your residence, you need to wear a mask. Period. People judge distances differently and unless two people are clearly more than 25 ft apart, it’s often really hard to differentiate between four and six feet. And now I’ve heard that the ideal distance may be closer to 8 ft?

We wear masks while we walk in our neighborhood, but we’ve seen this family around the block hosting a weird drive by/walk up weekend Bloody Mary parties. Not one person wears a mask, and they block the sidewalk with their pop up bar. Normally, I’d marvel at their joie de vivre. But these days? They’re just nuts.


That was really interesting, I would have thought the virus would last longer in a hot humid environment than a hot dry environment, but according to that, it’s actually the opposite.

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My favorite explanation so far:


I don’t wear a mask while walking around the neighborhood. We rarely see one person on the same street. If we do, we cross the street. We also avoid the nice walking path near the park and pond because there alot of people on it. We would need masks. This annoys my 3 year old to no end.


I understand and perhaps if it’s an otherwise empty road, sidewalk, etc., you’re probably fine without a mask. The problem is that some people leave their homes without one and they truly believe that no one else will be around, but then they run across other people. It’s risky if others think and act similarly. It would be helpful if everyone would carry a mask and then wear it when they see other people unti they get home.

I just know from my experience as a former high school teacher that the messaging has to be extremely clear and detailed and it goes double for adults. :wink: Leaving anything up to interpretation will cause issues because many believe that the “guidance” doesn’t really apply to them.


For a 3-year-old maybe get or make them a superhero mask?

After all Spider-Man gets a 10 out of 10 (higher is better) in terms of how much protection his costume would give him from coronavirus. Only Iron Man (whose suit probably has either an air filtration system or a self-contained air supply) ranks higher in the article.


She’s really good about wearing her mask. I meant, it annoys her when we are out for a walk and I won’t take her along the big path because I forgot our masks. Though part of my refusal is avoiding her sad face when she sees the playground.
That said, we avoid taking her anywhere except her daycare.


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