How does a brain-eating amoeba eat brains?


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Is this brain-eating thing a market I can get into the ground floor of immediately and begin branding and capitalization? What’s the ROI like?


I’d guess with a spork. Brains are runny and tend to break apart.

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Do we have any understanding of why the intrepid characters would have a taste for something as (presumably) rare in their native environment as human brains? Or is this suspected of being one of those ‘parasite-gets-confused-nobody-lives-happily’ accidents with the amoeba preferring something else entirely?

And, just because a song about an amoeba with a mind of its own seems appropriate…

They normally eat bacteria. Brain cells just look like very docile, very fatty bacteria.

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You mean like suburban Americans, right?



But what’s in it for the amoeba? Or is this a rare mistake which, when it happens, just has the amoeba (let’s call it Meeb) feasting as well as it can because it’s going to be stuck there for an awfully long time (assuming it survives any following cremation)? I sometimes think Meeb doesn’t really put its back into evolution.

“and in one case a baptism dunking.”

Human brains, the McDonalds of the amoeba world.


What a horrifying story. Thank you. I wonder if these could be used as a murder weapon?

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