How entering a flow state can heal

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one hobby that keeps you in shape, another that earns you a paycheck, and some activity that keeps you creative.

Hard to argue against those three, and oddly find myself with not precisely that order, but damn near that. Balance in your life was for me my mighty nemesis, simplifying & removing got me to that “flow” spot, and there I’d like to stay.

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My biggest challenge is that my one main activity tends to be two of the three most of the time (writing). Even the other big one, fishing, sees quite a bit of overlap. It keeps me active, fuels creativity, and occasionally makes me some money (when I write about it).

I don’t mind too much, but sometimes I can feel that I need to break out of the habit of just writing about everything. Luckily, I’ve got music and video games to keep me going when that happens.


I have always found peace, creativity, self-confidence, and all of those good things while being in that flow/hyper-focused state…kind of like it’s an intentional process for healing.

It’s really nice to see positive support for this (in balance, of course) after a lifetime of feeling like it’s just a negative aspect of my ADHD. Thank you for sharing.


The best 3 things I did (all of them 5 years ago) were to join a gym, start playing hockey again (after 30 years away) and change jobs. The gym keeps the endorphins going, the hockey is pure flow, and the new jobs combine more money and a lot more autonomy and creativity (and are a lot closer to home).

I just wish I hadn’t waited until my mid 40s to figure that stuff out.



Your diagram has an interesting “flow”.




Fully agreed


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More of a leak, tbh.


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That touches on an oft over looked issue, monetizing your hobbies, I'm not a fan of that. To qualify my feelings, as a retired person I found that many retirees start by monetizing their chosen pass time, and then it turns in a friggen drag, which is the opposite of what they intended, just like their career was. That's it, my words of wisdom on that...

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Just because people pass a certain age, that doesn’t automatically make them ‘grown…’ nor wise.

Regardless, good points have been made and should be reiterated; trying to make a profit (or even just a living) from the activities one enjoys often diminishes that very enjoyment.

It’s yet another sad factor of being an adult; accepting that unfortunate reality.


Thank you, that really soothes the ouchie for me. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Oddly, my Son sent this to me this morning to ponder over, I think it’s relevant.



I wish it did for me; one of the personal angsts that I endure as a ‘functioning adult’ is the fact that I don’t make my living off my art - even knowing full well that if I did, I would probably come to hate making my art.

Deadlines, creative constraints and needless pressure stifle my creativity… and so I have a boring day job that has health benefits and pays the bills… but it does nothing to help fulfil my soul.

C’est la vie, that’s just the way it goes…


I’m shocked that I get to use this twice in one day, like 30 minutes apart. Maybe a lesson in that for us all


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I dunno; it seemed pretty innocuous to me; maybe just joking about the difference between being an amateur, a literal lover of the thing being done, and a professional who does it for money, which how I took it, and responded to it, but someone took offence.

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