How facial recognition has turned summer camp into a dystopia for campers, parents, counsellors and photographers (but not facial recognition vendors)

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So it’s like Facebook, but it follows you around all day? Sounds like a great way to do summer camp!


How soon before kids wise-up and begun punching out photogs and trashing their cams, anti-paparazzi style.


A lot of hopla for nothing! Kids instagram, Tik tok, whatever and we are worried about face recognition? Such BS. Non story! Just for clicks!

I suppose it’s only natural that helicopter parents would move to more advanced surveillance tech for the times when the targets are concealed by a forest canopy and heavy vegetation; that’s a challenging situation for real helicopters as well.


Burns said Bunk1 is not a “pervasive surveillance system,” adding, “If it was, hundreds of camps would not use it.”

That’s bullcrap right there. If summer camps are anything like the ones I went to 8-10 years ago, then easily half the staff would love a pervasive surveillance system. Because the worst thing would be for someone to have a first kiss or GASP smoke a joint at summer camp.


They choose the other things. Choice is usually a big determinate on how horrifying something is. I have a daughter who happily uses Instagram to post her art and is thrilled with the feedback she receives and if you open her artbook without her consent, it is treated as a violation of the highest order. Creating a constant surveillance state that no one who lives under it consents to is a bad thing.



Smiles everyone! Smiles!


Allan Sherman survived without this nonsense


What kind of person would opt in to this nightmare?

This said by someone who doesn’t use Facebook and feels somewhat isolated as a result.

Yes, fuck the panopticon. All of them.


Drone parents?


I could relate a couple of stories from my pre-surveillance, pre-cellphone, boy scout camp days. But I won’t. I’ll just say that things got bad enough for a couple of unfortunate scouts without the aforementioned tech.

This is what hell looks like.

Everyday is a new inverted and perverted paradigm shift of the concept of personal privacy

I wish the creators of this technological ego fetishization culture would line up on a bridge and jump to their deaths like so many evil lemmings.


Have you been a teenager? When all your peers are doing some online thing… is that really “having a choice”? Well ultimately it is, but you’re asking a lot of young people under peer pressure to make this choice. All I’m saying is, I don’t agree with him on this story being BS, but… products that offer kids a bad choice and count on peer pressure to take that bad choice are no less creepy.

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My kids just got back from a week at summer camp. Normally, there’s no communication with them during the week, but our boy got a concussion and was taken to the hospital and so we got to chat while he was in the ER. Then he got a massive wasp bite, and a tooth ache. We were worried sick, but he wanted to stay. When we picked him up today, he said that it was one of the best weeks of his life.

I don’t know how this exactly relates to the story other than just because a kid gets hurt doesn’t mean they aren’t having a great time.


Be seeing you…


This is sarcasm, right?


Would you say that you are disappointed with bOINGbOING ?


Misread the photo as Addy Hitler.
And that rapidly followed misreading Summer camp.

Got the other eyeglasses now, don’t worry.


The daycares our kids have gone to have all had instagram feeds that you can skim for similar information. It’s useful when we want to come up with photos to share with relatives, but there’s a huge ‘squeaky wheel’ effect, where one often finds that a couple of children with concerned [and/or neurotic?] parents will dominate the photo pool.

(As far as this as ‘surveillance’, I’m actually fine with it for 1-2yos - they’re fairly oblivious - but I think it gets creepy somewhere on the road to age 5.)