How far away is Mars?

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Of course not. Can’t spell Mars without MRAs.


Hmph. You Ptolemaic Northern-Hemispherist, you.


Nice, but to get a feeling for the distance my favorite is still

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I was about to point out the same thing…
And of course if you want to use distance to figure out how difficult it is to get there, don’t. The real question is how much you have to change your velocity to go from orbit around Earth to orbit around Mars.

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Oh, good, that was the first thing that came to my mind, there, too: Neil Degrasse Tyson expressing glee with the backdrop on The Nightly Show, for illustrating that there is no “up” in space (or there’s only up).

(or it may have been Bill Nye… one of those science guys, anyway)

It is sort of like asking how far away is your neighbour’s car.

“How far away is Mars?”

Given our current technology the answer still seems to be too far. Maybe that’s just as well for the current inhabitants.


I’d say it’s not technology keeping us from Mars, but political will and budgets.

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Don’t forget the less-than-robust physiology of homo sapiens sapiens.

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If we can survive KFC Double Downs, we can survive a trip to Mars!


Mars is currently 2.24 astronomical units away.

From some places, sure.

We tend to think of places as being a fixed distance from one another

I am not sure who “we” may be, but I certainly don’t.

Just found this seems applicable to the conversation.

Cunning plan you have there…getting them to all immigrate to Mars without any women.

Some problems encode their own solutions.

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Sometimes, if you’re real lucky, even if you’re not paying attention… You still get a free return dropped in your lap

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